Team Training

Honing your individual skills and developing your talents is one thing, but even the very best player will be held back if a team is not playing as a cohesive whole. That’s why [company_long] also offers a range of services that have been specially designed for baseball teams.

Sandlo’s Team Training Services include:
  • Team Hitting or Pitching Video Analysis with a minimum of 10 players
  • Hitting Cage and Pitching Lane Rental Perfect for your team’s indoor training sessions. Contact us for prices.
  • Rent-a-Professional Need another coach or someone to lead baseball drills? One of our pros will come out to your practice location and support your program. We
    provide hitting, pitching, catching, baserunning and prehab performance training.
  • Coach and Parent Training Clinics Give young players the support they deserve by attending one of the clinics held at our advanced training studio. Sessions are fully interactive and include correct throwing motion, prehab and performance techniques, live BP, strengthening, and the use of video in helping a team win games. One-hour sessions for 8-12 participants and 90-minute sessions for 12+ participants are recommended.

Tailor-made Team Training

No two teams are the same, so meet your squad’s unique needs with options including:
  • Prehab Performance Training Enhance the performance of your team while reducing injury downtime in this program which focuses on player strength and flexibility, injury prevention methods, muscle groups crucial to baseball players, and correct prehab techniques. Contact us for prices.
  • Pitching Training Clinics Increase your pitchers’ velocity and command at this clinic which focuses on motion efficiency, team building exercises, proper arm care, and correct strengthening techniques. Catchers are welcome to join in! Each clinic is suitable for up to 4 pitchers and 2 catchers.
  • Team Skills Training Clinics Get your team working as one with this clinic that delivers professional instruction and training in hitting, throwing, fielding, catching and baserunning. Our advanced training studio is the ideal place to bring your team for bonding and skills training. Tell us what time and dates work best for you! Contact us for prices.