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Our private lessons are designed to fit each student’s learning style and goals

Looking to take your baseball training to the next level? Look to Sandlot Elite Baseball Training! We understand that no two players are the same. Every athlete has different needs based on position and basic individual differences. So why should they be treated as if they are? In our private lessons, we focus on making YOU the best player that YOU can be.

Sandlot Elite Baseball Training has the unique ability to use technology to pass along the most efficient techniques to the player. Our certified instructors use state-of-the-art technology to become the most effective teachers in the game. We understand that all athletes have different learning styles when it comes to acquiring new movement patterns. Some are kinesthetic (need to be put in a position), some are auditory (just need to be told what to do), and others are visual (need to watch you demonstrate it). By tailoring our program to your learning style – and not the other way around – you get the best instruction for your unique needs.

Sandlot is the nation’s leader in using technology in the advancement of baseball instruction. We track and record your objective measurements and subjective evaluations to help you improve your performance as a baseball player.

The technology we use is unmatched and many times unavailable at other training facilities. Not just that but we are committed to education and research and conduct our own proprietary studies to stay on top of the latest developments in baseball training, ensuring your learning experience is truly second to none.

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