Player Evaluation

Assessment – The key to Targeted Improvement

There’s an age old saying that goes:

“If you don’t know where you’re going…how will you know when you’ve arrived?”

And that’s exactly how we view a performance improvement training program. We are unique in our approach to helping young players enhance their performances. Before we help athletes improve themselves, we conduct an in-depth assessment of their present form. Our assessment philosophy is simple:

If we don’t know WHAT to improve, we can’t tell you HOW to improve!

It’s that simple….yet that comprehensive.

Cookie cutters don’t cut it!

Many of our competitors use “cookie cutter” templates, pre-defined check-box forms and off-the-shelf questionnaires to assess an athlete’s current form. To us, that just doesn’t cut it! We believe each player is unique. And this uniqueness shows in:

  • Physical attributes (height, weight, strength)
  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Their approach to the game
  • Peculiarities they may have picked up from others

So while a cookie-cutter approach might recommend a particular set of performance improvement drills for one athlete, those might actually be detrimental for another. Unless a unique assessment is conducted for each player, chances are OTC (over the counter) assessments might do more harm than good for you!

Assess for success

Our “assess for success” approach to Assessment means that the performance improvement plan that we recommend for YOU is exactly what YOU need, and not what worked for someone else in the past. And as a result, we are in a much better position to determine and recommend a performance improvement regimen that’s unique to YOUR needs.

You’ll be:
  • Physically screened for shoulder, thoracic, hip and ankle mobility
  • Assessed for a range of lumbar motions and core stability
  • Examined for your ability to control your center of mass while on the move using our Functional Movement Screening tools
  • Analysed using our Video/Biomechanical Analysis techniques

All of these techniques give players an objective, fact-based assessment of where they stand today, with respect to their skill, technique and abilities. And once you have been assessed using our unique assessment approach, it gives us a point of reference to start putting YOUR unique performance improvement plan in place.

Targeted benefits

Our “assess for success” approach has been fine tuned to deliver fast, effective and accurate assessments to athletes who wish to focus on improving key aspects of their game. Whether it is mobility, flexibility, stability, agility, dexterity or simply stance and poise, our Assessment program will highlight exactly what the issues are.

So how do you benefit?

  • You’ll know exactly where your deficiencies lie BEFORE starting a training program
  • You’ll be able to target your shortcomings more effectively
  • You’ll be able to spend more time honing your weaknesses than simply practicing what you’re good at
  • You’ll be able to measure your progress more accurately to see if your performance improvement program is working

Personalized, quick, thorough, accurate…and highly effective – those are the hallmarks of a true Assessment Program. And that’s exactly what we offer!

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