Sandlot Elite Baseball Training is a premium training facility, located in St. Louis, and targeting the most driven players around town. The kind of players that join are those who seek to gain a competitive edge through increased training.

We don’t necessarily mean the elite, or the most high skilled players, rather than the ones who want to consistently improve their game.

Sandlot Elite Baseball Training provides top level training and instant access to high quality instruction and advanced training concepts. The one factor you must have to become a member with us is the desire to work hard and improve. Anyone can perform at a high level regardless of physical talent if the desire is great. We help you set goals and aim out of the ball park.

Everyone knows that parents are looking to give their player an advantage over other children. Well, this is the best option to do just that. Team coaching is simply not enough to give kids the proper skills required to play at an elite level. Our trainers are fully booked by eager parents looking for one-on-one training for their child. All we ask for is relentless commitment. These athletes that join tend to have a burning desire to be the best. They train to be the best and seek out the best information available. We at [company_long] are committed to giving you instructions and an immense amount of inspiration. We are passionately committed to our players, achieving the best results in the area.

Membership items and services included:
  • athletic training (regardless of skill level)
  • hitting and throwing mechanics
  • bat speed testing
  • college recruitment promotion
  • college recruitment camps
  • energy and nutritional guidance
  • high speed motion analysis (
  • hitting simulator (
And MUCH more!

Sandlot Elite Baseball Training is not competing against traditional coaches or anything like that. Becoming a member would simply compliment the wide array of instruction and support efforts of coaches and parents seeking to give their players an edge over their peers. Evaluations, measurements, and a focus on physical and mental preparation will provide you with the skill set to carry on. Despite whatever obstacle, or adversity you’re facing, a solid foundation from us can help build you into a high quality player.

The ability to compete in the face of struggling times — and doing so the right way — is a critical skill in sport and in life. In the end, you are your only competition.

Join now to get started today!