Since 1999, Swing Rehab by [company_long] has helped numerous players with their swing and athletic development.

We realize how important baseball is to you, whether you play professionally, club ball, or recreationally. We also know that everyone can struggle to improve their game. The baseball swing is not rocket science, but sometimes it can feel that way.

Our philosophy and mission is really quite simple: to provide thorough, yet easy-to-understand baseball instruction based on facts rather than fads, gimmicks, opinions or guesswork. Our training centers on these three areas:

  • Baseball Swing Physics: Understanding pitch and bat plane, swing path, and sequencing is obviously something we must emphasize.
  • The Body: Your body was designed to move in certain ways to be powerful and efficient – we help it become so while avoiding injury.
  • The Brain: After learning how to move your body properly, your brain has to absorb and implement the lessons learned.

60-Minute Swing Evaluation – The First Step to Real Improvement

This is the most valuable 60 minutes you will ever spend on your swing. Thanks to video analysis, combined with motion measurement technology, you’ll get a complete overview and fact-based diagnosis of all your swing mechanics. Swing rehab will use motion data and graphic tools to point out exactly where adjustments need to be made. Based on this information, we’ll create a plan to fit your needs.

Sandlot’s vital 60-Minute Swing Evaluation is $150

Swing Rehab Training Program

This is not your traditional once a week lesson. [company_short]’s Swing Rehab Training Program has been created to make positive changes in your movement pattern, timing sequence, and power output. The Swing Rehab Training Program is designed to be completed in just one week and is structured so that the player has ample time to learn the new swing pattern.

Swing Rehab Maintenance Program

Designed for the player who has completed the Swing Rehab Training Program and wants to reap the benefits of a consistent maintenance program. The Swing Maintenance Program utilizes a class structure for players who have completed the Swing Rehab Training Program. This program is priced at $120 per month.

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