Sandlot’s programs are the best way to address the individual needs of the student. We understand that every player is different. Sandlot prides itself on being able to tailor our lessons to any age and ability level. Our programs include:

SE Athletic Development Program

Build strength, speed, agility, coordination, power, stability and mobility. Baseball is a sport consisting of highly explosive, dynamic movements which require a high degree of strength, speed, coordination, synchronization and skill to be successfully executed. Performing at your best requires a training program designed specifically for baseball players. We are pioneering ground-breaking training methods to make you the most explosive and dynamic player that you can be. This is far more than just a speed and agility program.

SE Complete Pitcher Program

[company_short]’s Pitching Program is the most comprehensive, complete and well-researched pitching development program in the midwest. Not only do we bring the expertise and techniques used for major league pitchers to our training sessions, we also utilize industry leading technology to help you develop consistent delivery mechanics and boost control and velocity.

SE Complete Athlete Program

[company_short]’s Complete Athlete Program is a pioneering means of identifying and then developing a player’s pre-habilitative and rehabilitative injury prevention protocol. Naturally, this allows us to then focus on helping you improve both your athletic performance and your velocity. In this program, the focus is on helping you take responsibility for an injury-free, and continually evolving, baseball career.

SE Swing Rehab Training

Designed to facilitate positive changes in your movement pattern, timing sequence, and power output, [company_short]’s Swing Rehab Training is the first very real step to improving your performance as a player. Take our 60-Minute Swing Evaluation and take the first step towards upping your game, whether you play professionally or recreationally.

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